Matthew’s paintings are peeks into distant worlds or portrayals of the darker sides of ours. Some capture various modes of seclusion, from emptiness and discovery to hedonism and harmless freedom, far away from the dogmas and divisions of modern life.

Others are more subversive…critical of police brutality, mass incarceration, economic injustice, anything that alienates us from humanism and consciousness. Ultimately, Matthew hopes his scenes feel real yet imagined, tranquil yet uneasy and that they transport us to mysterious places with stories to tell.  

b. 1996 Miami, FL


2018 "70 Paintings", Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL

2017 "Untitled 1", WDNA Radio Station, Miami, FL


2018 "University of Miami Juried Art Exhibition", Rainbow Gallery, Miami, FL

2018 Spectrum Art Fair for Art Basel Miami 2018

Selected Press:

"This college student gave painting a try. Nine months later, he has his own exhibit." | The Miami Herald