Matthew Hanzman is a self-taught, young painter born and raised in Miami Florida. At the core of his art is a desire to spark the imagination and elicit a range of emotions. With that, his works combine abstraction and figuration, cartoonish forms and sinister imagery and draw inspiration from his varying interests: neo expressionism, street culture, experimental and classic hip hop.

 Matthews’s paintings tend to revolve around figures and faces that are merged with more subconscious mark making to blur the lines between representation and abstraction. At once familiar and strange, nostalgic and dark, the motifs, scenes and characters that fill the canvas come into sharp view at one minute and then seem to fleet away at the next, prompting for a immersive experience and rewarding multiple and thorough viewings.

 The closer one looks, the more figures and faces clash and converge. Features are blended and shared amongst the painting’s inhabitants and a more disorienting, surrealist environment begins to appear. The goal is for people to feel as though they’re never “finished” looking at the paintings: that there’s always a new nuance to appreciate, a new face to find or something else altogether to conjure up in their imagination.

b. 1996 Miami, FL


2017 "Untitled 1", WDNA Radio Station, Miami, FL

2018 "70 Paintings", Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL


2018 "University of Miami Juried Art Exhibition", Rainbow Gallery, Miami, FL


Spectrum Art Fair for Art Basel Miami 2018

Selected Press:

"This college student gave painting a try. Nine months later, he has his own exhibit." | The Miami Herald