Matthew Hanzman is a self-taught painter born and raised in Miami, Florida. With a desire to spark the imagination and capture a range of emotions, his works tap into the subconscious and are often unfiltered traces of his psyche and loose recollections of his memories.

 Revolving around imagery that reminds us of childhood, Matthew’s paintings also possess darker, more emotional undertones. Inspired by folk and tattoo art, cartoons and music, the eclectic characters in Matthew’s works ask for yet elude narrative, seem both familiar and inventive and recall surrealism in their emphasis on the nonsensical but outsider art in their their application.

 Some whimsical and some dejected, the figures and motifs exhibit an emotional range and embody a whole realm of items that float in our collective subconscious but aren’t necessarily placeable. Any character can ask us to distinguish between the unseen and the ubiquitous, bringing on a mysterious nostalgia.

 The sense of innocence balanced with melancholy evokes simpler times but also takes the viewer to a space where humor and sadness intersect, where bliss of the past faces the confusion of the present.

 Ultimately Matthew doesn’t place much emphasis on trying to understand his paintings. Instead he hopes their strange contents, emotional complexity and blurred relationship between memory and the subconscious make for an engaging viewing experience that is easy to approach and enjoy.

b. 1996 Miami, FL

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2017 "Untitled 1", WDNA Radio Station, Miami, FL

2018 "70 Paintings", Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL


2018 "University of Miami Juried Art Exhibition", Rainbow Gallery, Miami, FL

2018 Spectrum Art Fair for Art Basel Miami 2018

Selected Press:

"This college student gave painting a try. Nine months later, he has his own exhibit." | The Miami Herald